Fire Doors in Manchester

Fire Doors in ManchesterFire doors in Manchester play a critical role in protecting the occupants of a building if fire breaks out. H. Roberts & Son is a fixture in the area having supplied a wide range of fire protection equipment and training for commercial and domestic use over the last century. Naturally you want the experts at H. Roberts & Sons to advise you regarding the installation of fire doors. We will do an analysis of your building to help ensure the occupants of your building are equipped with the firefighting tools that can save their own lives and those of others. Fire doors should be added to your arsenal along with emergency lighting, fire extinguishers, alarm systems, fire blankets, hoses and training in their use.

The minimum requirements for fire door use is established in Part B of the Building Regulations in the UK. In Manchester, fire doors must comply with the appropriate fire rating label clearly visible. Wood fire doors will block the spread of fire for 20 minutes and are sufficient for some facilities. However, steel is the only material that offers a 3 hour fire rating. All fittings used to install the doors are required to be appropriately rated including the frame and hardware. The core of the door is an insulator and the label will show the approved rating of 20, 45, 60 or 90 minutes. Above that is the 3 hour label. All fire doors are required to be self-closing and self-latching.

As part of a fire alert system fire doors in Manchester supplied by H. Roberts & Son will close and latch automatically. Building occupants should know how the doors work and what their role is to be. Most people experience a quick sense of panic when the alarm sounds and the doors close and latch. They may feel trapped. The occasional fire drill will condition occupants to overcome panic and instil an automatic appropriate response. Contact H. Roberts & Son for a consultation and cost estimate of fire doors best rated for your building. Fire rated doors help people evacuate safely without accelerating the spread of life threatening fire and smoke. Containing the fire with fire doors will minimise property damage. The fire code calls for fire doors and H. Roberts & Sons has the needed products and expertise for you.