Dry Riser Maintenance in Liverpool

Dry Riser Maintenance in Liverpool Dry riser maintenance in Liverpool is important – after all dry risers have a critical role in delivering water to put out devastating fires within a building. The testing of dry risers is an important part of fire protection because when working properly, they deliver huge volumes of water to where it is needed. Yes, there are people appointed in a building to maintain fire fighting equipment, and in fact, British Standards require a yearly pressure test for these dry risers. Yet how many times do these people fail to do maintenance test or the dry risers become prone to vandalism? The only way to ensure your dry risers are fully maintained is to hire a reputable company to do the job for you. At  H. Roberts and Son, as a Liverpool based company who have been around since 1907, you can trust us to do the job properly, as our many years of existence in the industry speak of excellence.

We’re one of the oldest established fire protection companies in the UK and the company has been in the same family since 1939. In Liverpool, dry riser maintenance isn’t all we do, and we also offer testing and refurbishing of gas inflation cylinders for the marine and aviation industries. Our varied clients rely on us for our excellent services and always at reasonable costs. We are also a British Approvals for Fire Equipment (BAFE) company. All our service engineers are trained and hold certificates bearing testimony to their excellent training.

When it comes to dry riser maintenance in Liverpool, we provide a written survey, detailing the number of protection appliances you have as well as where they are positioned. Contact H. Roberts & Son today for dry riser maintenance. With a maintenance contract in place for your dry risers and other equipment, you’ll never have to stand by helplessly as you watch everything burn to the ground because of equipment that doesn’t work. Call us now and find out more about the other amazing firefighting services we offer.