Fire Risk Assessment in Bangor

Fire Risk Assessment in BangorOwning a company or a business is wonderful but as an owner or a manager, you will also need a fire risk assessment in Bangor to make sure that the building is safe. According to the law, if your place of business has five or more people in it, you are legally required to keep a written record of your fire risk assessment. Whether you have a small healthcare premise or a large place which can hold hundreds of people, you would need a company that can assess the premises and identify any fire hazards.

The main aims of a fire risk assessment are making sure that fire hazards are identified and reducing the risks of those hazards. If Bangor, a fire risk assessment is professionally done by H. Roberts & Son. We have been operating for many years, and the business has been in our family since 1907. We have years of experience in the field and will gladly provide a service to ensure that the premises you are operating in is safe both for your workers and you. Among the items that we will cover during the inspection are the possible fire hazards, as well as the people who could be at risk. We will then determine the best method to minimise the risk and ensure protection strategies are in place. We will also record the significant findings and the actions taken. For more complex organisations, there should be a dedicated record of the emergency plan, maintenance of fire protection, as well as the training sessions of staff members.

It is crucial to carry out a fire risk assessment in Bangor. We have a team of competent fire experts at your service if you unable to carry out the assessment yourself. For more details about how we can help you with a fire risk assessment, please contact H. Roberts & Son. We can also assist you in identifying the most suitable types of fire protection items or fire extinguishers you may need in your business.