Fire Extinguishers in Bangor

fire extinguishers in BangorFire safety equipment such as fire extinguishers in Bangor are found in many homes and offices. We are used to seeing them on walls in public buildings. A less common place, but just as important, is your car, boat, caravan and any other vehicle that runs on combustible fuel. The importance of this fire safety practice is driven home when you find yourself driving down the expressway minding your own business. You are bewildered by other drivers waving and honking at you. Then you see the smoke billowing from your bonnet. Of course, you immediately pull over and have everyone exit and move away from the vehicle. A fire extinguisher could help minimise the damage to your car until the fire department arrives.

H Roberts & Son have been in the fire safety equipment business for over 100 years. We know that in Bangor, fire extinguishers should be in every home, car, and boat. We also know that in many homes, cars and boats, the fire extinguisher is empty or not functioning. We encounter people all the time that have a fire extinguisher handy in the kitchen or garage but they do not know how to use it. They have never read the directions. In addition, there is always a chance the fire extinguisher you do have and know how to use is inappropriate for the type of fire should one occur.

At H Roberts & Son, we strongly emphasise the importance of having fire extinguishers in Bangor in all homes and businesses. For more details on fire extinguishers, contact H Roberts & Son. Stop in and we can help you choose which type you need for the area it will be used in. We have all categories including chemical, carbon dioxide foam. Each is useful for a specific fire. We will explain the uses for each and we can give you easy instructions to use the fire extinguisher in an emergency. Maintain your fire extinguishers by letting us check them for you once a year to make sure your equipment is functional. If the canister needs a refill, we can do that for you. Teach everyone in your home or office how to use the fire extinguisher. It takes such a small bit of time and effort to protect against fire. Why not get it taken care of today?