Fire Risk Assessment in Skelmersdale

Fire Risk Assessment in SkelmersdaleAs a business owner you must carry out and regularly review a fire risk assessment in Skelmersdale of the premises. The assessment is a legal requirement and will identify what you need to do to prevent fire and keep the people on your premises safe. The assessment includes a number of factors. These include identifying the fire hazards, identifying the people who would be at risk, recording the findings, preparing an emergency plan and providing the necessary training. To ensure a competent and reliable assessment is done, speak to the professionals at H Roberts & Son.

This task is not something one can approach alone and in Skelmersdale, fire risk assessment can be done by H Roberts & Son. We are experienced in all matters regarding fire safety, and can assist you with a reliable fire risk assessment. We will complete a thorough and comprehensive fire risk assessment to ensure that you and the people working in your building are safe and understand the dangers of a fire in the building. Once the fire risk assessment has been completed, an understandable and precise emergency plan will need to be put into place. Training is then necessary for all the people in the building, to ensure that they know what needs to be done should a fire break out.

We will complete your fire risk assessment in Skelmersdale. Contact H Roberts & Son to arrange a suitable time for a fire risk assessment. We will also happily provide the necessary training after the fire risk assessment to ensure a full understanding of the emergency plan. We understand that for some people, training is regarded as unnecessary or a waste of a working day. With our experience and commitment to excellent service delivery, we will ensure that all the people in the building will receive thorough training.