Fire Risk Assessment in Chester

fire risk assessment in ChesterEvery home and commercial building should have a fire risk assessment in Chester. Commercial public buildings are required by law to have assessments and fire safety measures in place. That is good for the safety of the general public. H. Roberts & Son has carried out fire risk assessments for many enterprises. The guidelines state the assessment must be carried out by a qualified and experienced person. Our company has been in business for over 100 years. H. Roberts & Son has stayed relevant by keeping current with new technologies and products as they have become available. We have safer building standards now and better fire prevention education throughout the country. That has reduced the incidence of fires dramatically.

In Chester, fire risk assessment for private home owners is a voluntary responsibility that heads of household should take seriously. After all, your family’s safety is primary. The task is simple and H. Roberts & Son can help you with that. We will check, and teach you to check, for sources of possible fire. That would include electrical fittings, storage of flammables, heating sources and cooking equipment among others. We can help your family learn what to do in the event of a fire. You will want an evacuation plan for each family member. Review the rules if you cannot evacuate such as keeping the door closed, prevent smoke entering the room and waiting for rescue firemen.

Fire risk assessment in Chester would include equipping your home with tools to prevent small fires from getting bigger. Fire blankets and extinguishers can be located high-risk areas like kitchens, garages or basements. Smoke and fire alarms need to be installed and maintained in working order. Emergency lighting can also be installed. Mark the date to change batteries on your calendar. H. Roberts & Son service engineers are registered with the fire protection industry and BSI registered. Whether for domestic or commercial, we sell, install and maintain the finest fire prevention equipment on the market. We educate clients in the proper use of that equipment so they can learn to prevent and protect themselves against fires. For a fire risk assessment, contact H. Roberts & Son.