Fire Safety in Wirral

Fire Safety in WirralWho could teach fire safety in Wirral better than a company with over 100 years of experience in fire protection? H.Roberts & Son is a Liverpool based company that was established in 1907. It is currently one of the longest established companies of its kind in the UK, and it has been under the current ownership for three generations, since 1939. The company specialises in fire protection, but its offer includes testing, refurbishing and recharging services for flotation collars, self-righting bags, emergency escape chutes, and inflation cylinders used for inflatable life rafts.

In Wirral, fire safety lessons from H.Roberts & Son are unparalleled, both in terms of quality and price. As you can imagine, you don’t stay this long in business if you don’t provide a service that meets and exceeds client expectations. The company is BFC and BAFE approved, which are fire safety approvals recognised by insurance companies, councils, fire authorities and pretty much every major industry in the UK. The company is also NQA registered, which means that it receives periodical audits to ensure that a high standard of operating quality is upheld. In terms of services, the company offers surveys, contract maintenance for firefighting appliances, in-house services (such as hydraulic testing, repainting, recharging and blast cleaning of CO2 and Nitrogen cylinders), and training courses in the use of firefighting tools.

So call H.Roberts & Son for fire safety in Wirral. When it comes to products, the company offers everything from fire extinguishers to cutting-edge fire protection devices. The product range on offer is designed to reduce the spread of fire, noxious gas and smoke within a building, improving safety in case of a conflagration. There are also active and passive fire prevention solutions, solutions that fully implement the two most important elements of fire safety: integrity, which stops flames from spreading, and insulation, which prevents the transfer of heat. The best way to find out which solution would work best for your premises is to give H.Roberts & Son a call. Contact H. Roberts & Son today for the best fire safety solutions in Wirral.