Fire Doors in Leyland

Fire Doors in LeylandWe at H. Roberts & Son Fire Protection Services inspect fire doors in Leyland as part of a comprehensive fire safety inspection. Fire doors in commercial buildings are required as part of the fire code, so most public buildings have them installed. What we sometimes find when we arrive at a commercial site for a fire safety inspection is fire doors propped open with a brick or tied open. Occasionally there will be a poster of some sort taped over the viewing window.  Those tell us the building staff is not fully aware of the importance of fire doors to their protection if a fire breaks out in the building.

In Leyland, fire doors for all commercial buildings everywhere, including those in Leyland, need to be closed always unless automatically tied into the fire alarm system. H. Roberts & Son installs these systems so building occupants can move freely through corridors without fire doors impeding their progress. If the fire alarm goes off, the fire doors close automatically but the rest of the time it is safe for the doors to remain open. If your building does not have this automatic door closing system then keep the doors closed. Fire doors delay the spread of fire and smoke by compartmentalising the building. The viewing windows are there so people can check each compartment for safety before opening the door. In that way, they can find the safest evacuation routes from the building.

Fire doors in Leyland as well as all fire safety equipment in a building is only useful if properly installed and maintained in working order. Fire safety training will help building staff to understand how and why the safety equipment works to protect them from fire. As a building owner, you take a risk of large fines if your building is in violation of the fire codes. If, while in violation of those codes, a fire breaks out and people are injured, you the owner may be found negligent. That could cost you everything.          For more information regarding fire doors, contact H. Roberts & Son.