Fire Risk Assessment in Wirral

Fire Risk Assessment in Wirral You must be interested in learning more about fire risk assessment in Wirral as a responsible property owner. Fire safety in the home and workplace is of prime importance. According to statistics, more than 200,000 fires broke out in Great Britain over the last year and fire is a hazard to life and property. More than 300 deaths were reported in this period. Fire-related injuries ranged from serious to minor burns, leading to high medical expenditure and loss of income and working days. Dwelling-fires are the highest, with non-dwelling commercial buildings being at high risk. People in control of any part of commercial premises are obligated by law to carry out regular fire risk assessment of potential hazards in the environment so that the place remains safe for all who work or visit.

In Wirral, fire risk assessment must be carried out by a qualified, licensed and competent fire risk professional with the necessary experience and fire safety knowledge. Owners of small or low-risk premises can carry out the assessment themselves to fulfill the mandatory requirements. Companies like H Roberts & Son, a well-established and reputed company with over a century’s experience in the field are your ideal partners in fire safety assessment. They can provide products and services including training designated people from your company to undergo fire safety procedures. A step-by-step process consists of identifying the potential fire hazards and people at risk, assessing and documenting the fire safety measures in place and modifying them if inadequate, reviewing the arrangements from time to time, ensuring that all appliances like extinguishers are in good condition, training the staff in fire safety drills and creating a viable action plan. This process should be documented and carried out regularly for the inspection of the fire safety authorities.

Having an in-house fire risk assessment in Wirral can be advantageous to a small firm but it may not be viable in a large company with many branches. Consistency and regularity are to be maintained, hence, the task is best left to a professional fire risk safety assessment service provider. For a professional fire risk assessment, contact H Roberts & Son.