Fire Risk Assessment in Runcorn

Fire Risk Assessment in RuncornDo you need to do a fire risk assessment in Runcorn before you can open your vehicle repair shop for customers? You might wonder if you have enough fire extinguishers, or if the escape route you have worked out is sufficient. These are a few questions in fire safety that you need to think of. Why not get a reputable company that is qualified to do such an assessment and has the experience to see the pitfalls you may have missed? H Roberts & Son is the company to contact. The fire safety order came into effect in October 2006 and affects all non-domestic businesses. You as the business owner have the responsibility to ensure that everyone on your premises is safe, at any given time.

In Runcorn, fire risk assessment by H Roberts & Son will give you peace of mind knowing that your equipment such as fire-extinguishers is in working order and maintained, smoke detectors are in the right places, that your safety precautions are in place and that your safety officers are well trained. H Roberts & Son will provide you with a checklist specifically for your type of business which you can use as a prelim exercise. This will help you put in place the most important aspects before they come to do the proper assessment. All their fire equipment is BAFE approved and they are a BSI registered ISO9001 accredited company. Please note that all premises will be subjected to an inspection visit by the Fire and Rescue Services, and you could be prosecuted should your premises be non-compliant.

Fire risk assessment in Runcorn could not be easier as H Roberts & Son have been the foremost authority on all aspects of risk management, fire safety and loss prevention since 1907. Ensure you get the experts to assess your business premises and help you put  what is needed in place to provide a safe environment  your customers and your employees. Contact H Roberts & Son for a thorough fire risk assessment.