Where to Get a Wet Chemical Fire Extinguisher in Liverpool

Wet Chemical Fire Extinguisher in LiverpoolGet a wet chemical fire extinguisher in Liverpool to protect your home and family from a disaster. Wet chemical fire extinguishers are designed to use for cooking oil fires including butter, lard, olive oil, sunflower oil, maize or other fats. You should keep one in your kitchen all the time. These fire extinguishers have high performance ratings on class A, B & F fires. They seal the surface of the burning oil to keep it from re-igniting. It cuts off the fire’s air supply, preventing the release of harmful vapors. These extinguishes come in a variety of different sizes. The wet chemical knocks the flames out quickly. It cools the oil and the chemical reaction forms a soapy solution, sealing the oil. Tests indicate that the extinguisher is able to extinguish a fire in a deep fryer. The extinguishers are easy to use. The have a handle producing a highly effective spray. A wet chemical fire extinguisher can also be used on burning wood, paper and flammable liquids.

In Liverpool, a wet chemical fire extinguisher can be purchased at H. Roberts & Sons. This is a family owned business that has spanned three generations. The family has been in the fire protection business for over 100 years. Their business was established in 1907. They are one of the oldest fire protection companies in the UK. Their years of experience is apparent in the quality of their products. If you want a high quality extinguisher for your home, go to H. Roberts & Sons. Their wet chemical extinguisher is a portable 6-litre container. It has high performance stored pressure. The extinguishers have an epoxy resin paint finish, and come with a five-year guarantee.

You should call H. Roberts & Sons today and find out more about the extinguisher. They will be happy to answer any questions you have. It is critical to have an extinguisher in your home, to keep your family safe. Kitchen fires are the most common fires in the home. Get a wet chemical fire extinguisher to protect your home – contact H. Roberts & Sons right away!