Excellent Quality Fire Extinguishers for Restaurants

Fire Extinguishers for RestaurantsAre you looking for efficient, top-quality fire extinguishers for restaurants? They are a crucial part of protection in your restaurant, vital to the safety of life and property of both staff and customers. Statistics reveal that nearly 500 million pounds are saved annually in the UK in terms of injuries and damages because of the presence and timely use of fire extinguishers. There are different classes of extinguishers available for various locations and functions and you need to make an informed choice about the right one for your purpose. In the UK, Class F extinguishers are most suited for restaurant kitchens, where the most risk of fire exists.

For restaurants, fire extinguishers are essential because of the nature of the environment and working conditions. Restaurant kitchens are usually enclosed spaces, with open fires, hot liquids, oils and fats heated to high temperatures, different types of combustible products, gas, electricity, appliances, perhaps coal for charbroiling or smoking. There are also other hazards like the canopy hoods, wooden utensils, accumulated grease and sugars which add to the risk. Additionally, during peak times, there is a lot of movement and chaos in the kitchen leading to accidents and negligence. Restaurant owners must do due diligence in installing the right kind of extinguishers on their premises. Though there are industry standards that must be followed, it’s wiser to be personally in the know of the safety precautions you have in place in your restaurant.

However, installing fire extinguishers for restaurants is only the first step. Ensure that you select the best product from reputed, experienced, licensed and qualified service providers like H Roberts & Son Ltd, who have more than a century’s expertise in the field. There should be a variety of different types of extinguishers present in the kitchen, to use in different situations. Some extinguishers should be used only after the electricity has been turned off. Annual maintenance and servicing are crucial safety features that should be in place in the restaurant premises too. Service providers can also supply additional equipment like hoses, alarms and hydrants and conduct a fire-risk assessment if required. If you need fire extinguishers in your restaurant, contact H. Roberts & Son Ltd today.