Do You Know About Water Fire Extinguishers in Liverpool?

Water Fire Extinguishers in LiverpoolAre you interested in knowing more about water fire extinguishers in Liverpool? Fire extinguishers are essentially used to control small, contained fires in an emergency. They are installed in homes, commercial and public buildings, institutions, restaurants, and schools and are intended to put out fires which can be controlled immediately without the assistance of the fire department. They’re hand-held, usually painted bright red and can release a fire-dousing agent which is stored inside under pressure. Detailed instructions on how, when and where to use them are prominently displayed on the container. The fire-dousing agents contained inside extinguishers range from dry chemicals to foam, water, with or without additives, CO2, “clean agents” which don’t leave any chemical residues on sensitive equipment, fire-dousing balls or condensed aerosols. The agent to be used depends on the type of perceived fire hazard in that particular environment, be it a restaurant kitchen, chemical industry, electrical goods manufacturer, home or institution. The main thing to understand about fire extinguishers is that they are used to douse an initial fire and not one that’s already out of control.

In Liverpool, water fire extinguishers are the most cost-effective and widely used type. They’re used to put out Class A fires that are caused by ignition of paper, wood, plastics, fabrics and other flammable solids where neither liquids nor electricity are involved. Water fire extinguishers should never be used in the presence of alcohol, petrol, oil, flammable gases, diluting agents, reactive chemicals, etc. Water extinguishers are not recommended in places where valuable documents and archives are stored, as the water can destroy them. They are very effective in fighting small, simple fires in homes, hospitals, supermarkets or hotels as they are easy to deploy and simple to operate.

Water fire extinguishers in Liverpool can be purchased, installed and maintained by qualified, experienced, trained and licensed technicians from reputed firms like H Roberts & Son Ltd who have years of expertise in the field. Maintaining water fire extinguishers is crucial and such firms offer good annual maintenance contracts for regular inspection, repairs and replacement if required. Contact H Roberts & Son Ltd more information on water fire extinguishers.