Essential Fire Extinguisher Servicing in Manchester

Fire Extinguisher Servicing in ManchesterAre you searching for fire extinguisher servicing in Manchester? Fire protection is a highly regulated field as it involves keeping both domestic and commercial buildings and their inhabitants safe from fire. Fire extinguishers periodically need servicing in concordance with legislation to ensure that they will function and serve their purpose when needed. Bear in mind fire extinguishers that are not serviced annually are no longer compliant. Discharge tests need to be carried out every 5 or 10 years depending on the extinguisher type. That is why maintenance services for fire extinguishers need to be responsibly purchased. One needs to make sure that the contracted company is authorised and experienced in servicing the specific make and model. Also, the technicians performing the testing, servicing and repairing operations according to the standard protocols need to have their BFC authorisations up to date.

In Manchester, fire extinguisher servicing can be expertly done by  H.Roberts & Son. It is a family run establishment with over 100 years’ experience in fire protection. As the company and the technicians are BAFE authorised they can issue a BAFE certificate of inspection upon completion of work. Servicing operations for all types and model fire extinguishers are available as well as a wide range of service contracts for you to choose from. If it’s more comfortable for you, onsite maintenance can be scheduled reducing the time needed to do the works. You can call and ask for advice and support all year round and you will be assisted with the information you need.

Fire extinguisher servicing in Manchester is a priority.  H.Roberts & Son offer excellent services regarding the supply, maintenance and training of use of fire extinguishers.  They will visit the workplace to demonstrate and instruct on the safest and most practical way of using a fire extinguisher.  They will also assist in designing a suitable evacuation plan for the workplace and ensure that the staff understand the procedures required should the need for an evacuation arise. As the importance of regular servicing of fire extinguishers cannot be emphasised enough, H. Roberts & Son can prepare a service contract tailored to your requirements.  If you would like to book a consultation for fire extinguisher servicing for your workplace, contact H. Roberts & Son today.