Fire Extinguisher Servicing in Warrington

Fire Extinguisher Servicing in WarringtonEven the most conscientious of us can be caught off-guard, and fire extinguisher servicing in Warrington is very necessary. Cigarettes, matches, candles, heating appliances and overloading of electrical outlets can all cause a fire. Fire can even be caused by friction, sparks and chemical reactions. If it has been maintained and serviced, your extinguisher can save the day. Fire moves alarmingly quickly, it can get out of control and burn down a building in minutes. H. Roberts and Son Ltd are fire experts. The fact that their business was established way back in 1907 already, gives you an inkling of their vast experience. They don’t just offer fire protection; they make sure your fire-fighting apparatus is in perfect working condition. They provide testing, recharging and refurbishing services for flotation collars, gas inflation cylinders, emergency escape chutes as well as other vital services and products.

In Warrington, fire extinguisher servicing offered by H. Roberts and Son Ltd is tailored  to their clients’ needs. As a British Approvals for Fire Equipment (BAFE) company as well as being a NQA registered company, their service engineers come fully trained and have certificates of compliance and standards. If you have an organisation with firefighting appliances, H. Roberts will also offer training courses to help workers identify and correctly use the equipment such as fire extinguishers, smoke detectors, fire hoses and fire alarms.
Fire extinguisher servicing in Warrington is necessary, and H. Roberts also provide written surveys which provide details on where and how many fire protection appliances are needed in a building and where they need to be positioned. H. Roberts knows that a building’s dry risers are often neglected. They inspect and pressure test them on a regular basis, making sure that when you need them, they’ll work. In fact the new Code of Practice recommends a check every 6 months and that this maintenance procedure only be carried out by competent professionals.  Contact H. Roberts and Son Ltd today for more information.