Looking for a C02 Fire Extinguisher in Liverpool

C02 Fire Extinguisher in LiverpoolAre you looking for a CO2 fire extinguisher in Liverpool? Look no further! H. Roberts & Son are leading experts in fire related services such as fire extinguishers, fire protection services and products, training, hydraulic testing, and blast cleaning

In Liverpool, CO2 fire extinguisher is something every business or home should have. Carbon dioxide fire extinguishers contain a non-flammable CO2 gas that is highly pressurised. A CO2 fire extinguisher is recognisable by the lack of pressure gauge and hard horn. The pressure in this type of fire extinguisher is so high that when in use it may push out pieces of dry ice from the horn. The cylinder of a CO2 fire extinguisher is red and is available in several sizes. CO2 extinguishers are often used in electrical fires and those caused by flammable liquids. They can also be used in fires caused by combustion of fats and oils. They operate by removing the oxygen source from the fire triangle. Since the CO2 is quite cold when it oozes out, it also attempts to cool off the fuel as well. These extinguishers are ineffective in Class A fire because not enough oxygen might displace or the material may re-smoulder and ignite. CO2 is replaced by Halon and is considered less harmful, especially to electrical equipment. They can be seen in supermarkets, restaurants, fast food chains, industrial units, and offices. All CO2 fire extinguishers undergo recharging and hydrostatic testing every few years.

If you are trying to locate a CO2 fire extinguisher in Liverpool, contact H. Roberts & Son today. They have a range of sizes available, starting with their 2.0 Kg size. The benefit of the smaller size fire extinguisher is that it is easier to carry, operate and best of all it works like a 5kg extinguisher! H. Roberts & Son’s 2.0 kg extinguisher also has a safe swivel horn which gives it a higher fire rating.