Carbon Dioxide Fire Extinguishers in Liverpool

Carbon Dioxide Fire Extinguishers in LiverpoolThe role of Carbon Dioxide Fire Extinguishers in Liverpool homes and offices cannot be ignored when you consider health and safety guidelines. About 20% of fire-protection applications or products are designed for non-water or special hazard situations. 20% of that number is controlled by carbon dioxide-based solutions that include fire extinguishers. It is one of the most popular forms of fire-fighting elements used today and if you are looking for something reliable and widely recognised as a great fire-fighting solution, then carbon dioxide-based extinguishers will certainly provide peace of mind. However, if you have carbon dioxide fire extinguishers in your home or office, only proper maintenance will ensure that they are working perfectly when it is necessary to use them.

The reason homes and businesses in Liverpool have carbon dioxide fire extinguishers is because CO2 does not leave behind any residue – something that makes dry-chemical extinguishers less than popular in offices. If your workplace has a lot of computers or electrical equipment, you will find these CO2-based extinguishers perfect to deal with fire hazards. Unfortunately, there is a small issue with these types of fire extinguishers, in that CO2 is a gas that condenses easily – so these extinguishers do not come with pressure-gauges. However, what they do have is a Tare Weight and this number is printed on the side of each extinguisher. The Tare Weight refers to the weight of the empty extinguisher.

A company providing carbon dioxide fire extinguishers in Liverpool, like H. Roberts & Son will help ensure your fire-fighting equipment is ready at all times. Depending on the size of the extinguisher, your fire-fighting equipment will have an ideal weight for the CO2 content within. More importantly, these extinguishers need to be kept clean, with nozzles and other parts completely unobstructed. With companies like H. Roberts & Son. by your side, the one thing you can stop worrying about is maintenance of your fire-fighting equipment. So make sure you give us a call and we’ll ensure that you don’t have to be concerned about your fire-fighting equipment.