Fire Extinguishers for Sale in Liverpool

Fire Extinguishers for Sale in LiverpoolThere are several different types of fire extinguishers for sale in Liverpool that are available for fire protection for private and commercial buildings and vehicles. The various types include carbon dioxide, dry powder, foam, water and wet chemical. Extinguishers have been improved over recent years, which have extended the various types for literally all domestic and commercial fire situations. Before purchasing a fire extinguisher, a fire risk assessment should be conducted to ensure you get the right type of extinguisher to suit your needs. In addition, visual inspections should be carried out monthly and should a problem occur, repairs should be carried out by an approved technician and then recorded in a fire log book.

In Liverpool, fire extinguishers for sale are identified and classified according to the type of fire they will be used for. Due to extinguishers being pressurised containers, all staff should receive training on how to use these safely and handle them with great caution. Based on the various types of fires, extinguishers are divided into 4 categories. Each unit comes with a number that determines the amount of fire any one extinguisher can handle. The higher the number, the more power the extinguishers have to fight fires. Before any type of fire extinguisher is used, one needs to read the label to comprehend the type of fire it is used for.

Fire extinguishers for sale in Liverpool come with operating instructions which should be fully understood before storing or using. For example, if there is an electrical fire, water and foam based extinguishers should not be used as the user may experience a serious electrical shock. Only use water and foam based extinguishers when the main power supply has been turned off. Fire extinguishers come with a safety pin that needs to be removed before usage. Other extinguishers such as fire blankets, buckets and hose reels have no safety pins. Hose reels are attached to water valves that need to be opened before usage. Last but not least, before operating a fire extinguisher, make sure the operator is between the fire and fire exit. To find out more about fire extinguishers call H. Roberts and Son Ltd.