Fire Extinguishers in Bolton

Fire Extinguishers in BoltonLocal residents should check their fire extinguishers in Bolton. Often we forget about the fire extinguishers once we have bought and mounted them in our homes. They need checking regularly. Imagine needing one and finding it does not work. Since 2006, a regulatory reform order has been in effect. It requires your home be equipped with working fire extinguishers. Hopefully you have smoke and fire-warning detectors installed as most responsible people do. However, this ordinance calls for fire fighting equipment. Your first thought may be water. A few of us have a water hose connected in our homes and water is ineffective against some fires.

In Bolton, fire extinguishers for each class of fire are available from H. Roberts & Son. Take a little time and let their staff educate you on the various classes of fire extinguishers. Water or dry chemicals are effective against combustible materials such as paper, wood and fabrics. Since most fatal fires start in bedrooms, the proper fire extinguisher should be easily accessible in bedrooms. Most household fires start in the kitchen and water is ineffective against grease fires. A correct class of fire extinguisher within easy reach can keep a small grease fire from rapidly spreading to the whole house. Electrical fires are frightening because they may not be readily noticeable if they start in the attic, basement or walls. Dry chemicals are effective on small electrical fires. Oil and gasoline fires in the garage or basement are cause to have the proper fire extinguisher handy.

Appropriate fire extinguishers in Bolton should be in kitchens, bedrooms, basements and garages. The objective is to put out small fires before they become big. They are not for trying to extinguish a large fire. The fire department needs calling for all fires, small and large including the small one you put out yourself with a fire extinguisher. None of us expects a fire to happen to us. Just in case, stop by H. Roberts & Son. Ltd. They are reputable, knowledgeable and professional with a 100-year history in fire prevention. Their staff will help you choose the proper fire extinguishers for your home safety and maintain them to optimize your protection.