Get Quality Fire Extinguishers In St. Helens

fire extinguishers in St. HelensTo prepare for the worst case scenario, you can get excellent fire extinguishers in St. Helens. If you have a place of business that deals with flammable items, gas cylinders, or any other dangerous items, it is required that you have fire extinguishers in case of a fire. And if you are wondering where you could find qualify fire extinguishers, then you would be happy to know that H Roberts & Son carries a large number of fire extinguishers ranging from 9-litre pressure water fire extinguisher to 6kg pressure powder fire extinguishers.

In St. Helens, you will find the best fire extinguishers at H Roberts & Son, an established company that has been providing fire protection products for a number of years. Recently, a client called enquiring whether the company had 9kg stored pressure powder fire extinguishers in stock. The client was happy to know that they can find these fire extinguishers at H Roberts & Sons as well as a wide number of other products such as blankets, hoses, alarms, detectors among other crucial fire protection items. The 9kg stored pressure powder fire extinguisher is an excellent multi-purpose extinguisher which can be used in different circumstances. The fire extinguisher is suitable for workshops, garages, industries and so on. They are ideal for mixed risks places and have excellent fire ratings. These specific fire extinguishers come with a unique valve system and they can discharge up to a distance of 7 metres. The upsides include easy service and maintenance and an effective firefighting performance.

If you are looking for quality fire extinguishers in St. Helens, of various types and for different purposes, do not hesitate to check with H Roberts & Sons, one of the longest established fire protection companies in the UK. The Liverpool-based company is BAFE approved, BFC approved and is a NQA registered company. All members of their staff are fully qualified; they have all passed their British Standards Approved Examinations. For more details about their services and products, you can reach H Roberts & SonĀ by calling 0151 236 7558.