Different Types of Fire Extinguishers in Wigan

fire extinguishers in WiganThere are many different types of fire extinguishers in Wigan. The various types of extinguishers enable individuals to tackle different types of fires. It is extremely important to use the correct extinguisher for the type of fire involved. Fires will differ depending upon the fuel that has been used to assist with ignition. If you use a fire extinguisher that is unsuitable for tackling a certain type of fire then you could actually make the situation worse and spread the fire over a larger area. In order for a fire to start it must have three elements. If one of the elements is missing then it is impossible for a fire to ignite and begin burning. The three elements required are oxygen, heat and fuel. This is an important detail to remember when attempting to prevent or tackle a fire.

In Wigan, fire extinguishers are colour coded. Each colour represents what type of fire the extinguisher is suitable for. Fire extinguishers that are coloured red contain water. These types of extinguishers are best used to tackle fires that have a solid fuel base such as wood, paper and coal. They are not suitable for oil fires as the will only intensify the fire itself. Blue fire extinguishers contain powder and they are suitable for tackling fires that have ignited with organic solids as a fuel. Liquids such as petrol, oil and paint can be tackled effectively. Blue extinguishers should not be used to combat hot oil fires such as a chip pan fire.

Another common colour for fire extinguishers in Wigan is black. This type of extinguisher primarily contains carbon dioxide which replaces the oxygen in the air and smothers the fire. It is suitable for use on electrical fires but care should be taken when using these extinguishers in small spaces due to the amount of carbon dioxide discharged. Other colours for fire extinguishers include cream for burning liquids and yellow for chemical based fires. Other fire fighting equipment includes blankets and fire buckets. Ring H Roberts & Son Ltd on 0151 236 7558 to learn more about fire extinguishers in Wigan.